Mondo Psilocybe Mushroom grow kit

Mondo mushroom grow kit are easy to use. Upon arrival, as with any psilocybe grow kit, it is important to set it up immediately because the grow kit is still free of harmful fungi/bacteria. The mushroom grow kit can be kept in the refrigerator for at least one month. Make sure that you clean the refrigerator well before you place the grow kit in it. It has often been shown that grow kits are stored unhygienic, which in turn has repercussions on the state of the mushroom grow kit and of course the cultivation. It is therefore desirable to set up the psilocybe magic mushroom  grow kit upon arrival. You wash your hands and remove the mushroom  grow kit from the packaging and fill it with water. Let it soak for 12 hours before gently draining the water. Pour 150 ml of water into the supply mushroom cultivation bag/bag. Place the psilocybe Mondo grow kit in it and close the grow bag by folding the grow bag twice at the opening. Now you have to wait until the first pins (mushroom hats) appear. Once it has emerge, moisten the growbag/bag daily with a spray bottle (maximum 1-2 pumps). At this stage, the magic the Mondo as the All-In-One psilocybe mushrooms growkits need fresh H20 and O2 and the CO2 must escape.

What you get with the Mondo Grow kit?

The psilocybe Mondo magic mushroom grow kit contains everything you need to grow beautiful large and unique magic mushrooms. For example, the Mondo grow kit contains a 1200 or 2100cc grow box, a grow bag and a paper clip. The only thing that is missing is only water that you could tap straight from the tap. Note: Dutch tap water is pure enough for the cultivation of magic mushrooms, this does not mean that tap water from other countries is also the same, to avoid this risk we recommend using spring water when setting up your Mondo mushroom grow kit.

Are multiple harvests (flushes) possible with the Mondo Growkits?

Net as with the Fresh and the All In One mushroom  growkits, it is also easy to achieve multiple harvests, up to a maximum of 4, per growkit with the Mondo. However, when harvesting the psilocybe magic mushroom, it is important to completely remove it from the mycelium in a circular motion so that enough room is made for the next flush (harvest). If no room is made, the next harvest will be very disappointing and that is simply due to the fact that the psilocybe mushrooms can not come up because old magic mushrooms get in the way.

How much yield does a Mondo Growkit give?

We sell in our Mushroom shop two different sizes of Mondo magic mushroom grow kits. The 1200 and the 2100cc grow kit. The content of the grow kit also determines the size of the mycelium from which the magic mushrooms arise. So a 2100cc grow kit will produce more psilocybe mushrooms than a 1200cc grow kit. A harvest of the 1200cc magic mushroom grow kit, provide the cultivation process is done correctly, will give a magic mushroom harvest of 300 to 600 grams and the 2100cc between 700 and 900 grams. A fresh mushroom dose per person is 30 grams, so you will be able to grow a significant number of doses with one psilocybe mushroom growkit.

Mondo cultivation information per grow kit

The fact that Mondo takes the cultivation of psilocybe magic mushrooms seriously can be seen from the cultivation information that can be view in the product description. This is how they state with every psilocybe mushroom strain; the cultivation difficulty, on which substrate these psilocybe mushrooms thrive, the colonization time, colonization and fruit temperature. Always use grow supplies. This info that Mondo provides is sublime to grow an ultimate psilocybe mushroom super crop. Some varieties require a higher fruit temperature than other varieties. By maintaining the specify fruit temperature, the mycelium will be able to develop optimally and its psilocybe fruits (mushrooms) will come in large numbers. The Mondo psilocybe grow kits contain a powerful and potent mycelium.

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